We would like to thank all those that have supported us for the past 15 years and it is with deep sorrow that we have to announce that we are disbanding.
We would like to pass on, to any other choruses, our costumes.

FREE to a NON-PROFIT CHORUS- first come first serve, must take all of one design:" 
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46 Black beaded vest- Sizes:  2-S, 1-M, 0-L, 25-XL, 1-2XL, 19-3XL 

SOTL Beaded Costume

25 Red Dusters -  0-S, 1 M, 10-L, 4-XL, 7-2XL, 3-3XL.
25 Red Dusters with Black Inserts - 2-S, 5-M, 8-L, 2-XL, 5-2XL, 3XL

SOTL Red Duster Costume

49 Ribbon Vests-Sizes: 1-SM, 5-M, 5-L 19-XL, 9-2XL, 5-4XL, 5-5XL

SOTL Blk Blue Ribbon Costume

25 Light Blue Capes - one size fits all


7 New Sparkly Green& Blue Sequence Tanks- 1-S, 1-M, 1-XL, 4-XXL